About Us

Chanel Superior Beauty Academy is an academy that specializes in helping Individuals become certified or licensed within the lash industry. Our program was found in 2021 by Jashe’ Jackson, a highly skilled, and overly qualified lash specialist. Realizing her passion, she continued to grow and develop. Eventually she gained the knowledge and skills to mentor other lash artist, while also helping them become creative and superior within their craft.

    Chanel Superior Beauty Academy has a distinct method and approach to training students, our educational experience is unique compared to other programs.
      The effectiveness of training provided is designed to produce tangible and successful outcomes for students.
        The ultimate goal is ensuring that every student develops and maintains the skills required to become a fully licensed specialist. We want to give purpose for students.
          Chanel Superior Beauty Academy is as motivating each individual to thrive, creating an environment that encourages personal and professional growth.
            Chanel Superior is committed to helping students reach their full potential, suggesting a focus on maximizing the capabilities and talents of each individual.

            We will provide a unique, effective, and goal-oriented training experience that fosters motivation and supports students in reaching their full potential as licensed lash specialists. Our focus is on individuals seeking a comprehensive and personalized approach to their education and skill development in the beauty industry.




            Chanel Superior Beauty Academy offers job opportunities, expansion of culture, shopping and professionalism.

            Chanel Superior Beauty Academy is located 8500 N Stemmons Fwy, Dallas Texas 75247.


            Mission statement

            Our vision is to enhance every woman’s beauty. Moreover, to feel loved and come out of every service brand new. We build relationships with every client that steps foot in our establishment. Our academy is for motivated individuals and those who seek better opportunities within their lash career.  


            Our faculty skills and abilities are very important and valuable to Chanel Superior Academy. We want the best and the most relationship oriented individuals. Our employees are trusted and well secured. Safety is a major core value of the company.
            Chanel Superior Beauty Academy values each faculty that works at the academy. 

            Why Join us?

            Why should you join Chanel Superior Beauty Academy? Our Academy has a positive founded community with amazing connections. Students will learn various techniques and develop new relationships within our academy. We cover state approved license qualifications but we also teach exceedingly things that you will not learn at just any other beauty academy.

            Most/academies would prefer you to have many different qualifications but luckily ours requires giving a higher capacity of learning new materials to all students.

            • Positive Community: Our academy is a positive and supportive community. This can create a conducive learning environment and foster connections among students.
            • Networking Opportunities: Joining the academy provides students with the opportunity to build relationships and connections within the beauty industry. Networking can be crucial for career advancement and collaboration.
            • Comprehensive Techniques: The academy offers a range of techniques that go beyond the basics required for state-approved licenses. This suggests that students will receive a well-rounded education that goes above and beyond standard requirements.
            • Unique Curriculum: The academy teaches things that students may not learn at just any other academy. We enroll individuals who are looking for a more specialized or advanced education in eyelash techniques.
            • Development of Relationships: Beyond learning technical skills, the academy emphasizes the development of relationships. This could include mentorship opportunities or connections with professionals in the industry.


            Chanel Superior Beauty Academy is an organizational, corporate, workplace for individuals to release their creativity while enhancing beauty.


            Apply Now

            Enrollment is open for the 2024 Chanel Superior Beauty Academy.