Chanel Superior Academy program offers persistent and consistent knowledge. Our program is to help and build each creative lash artist and allow them to reach their full potential. Our goal is to allow licensed artist to reach higher heights with our help in becoming a licensed lash specialist.


Partnership Products 

Chanel Superior Academy partners with Chanellashes products each student will receive products from Chanellashes that will be included in the course kit that comes from the company. Chanel Superior Academy will include kits in tuition that each student will receive.

Chanel Superior Lash Academy Goal

Volunteering and supporting our community is a factor that Chanel Superior Academy focus on. Students will attend community and networking events with a strong focus on everyday life style and individual career paths. All networking events for students will be used to help create professionalism and build casual connections on and off campus. Growing each students career is our 1# priority. 

  • Students will lead an option of obtaining a certification while becoming licensed. 
  • Students will lead an option of after graduation with Chanel Superior Academy to position and individualize their beauty career.
  • Students will lead an option to receive job opportunities during/after program.

Unique Features

Students will maintain a shared focus on curriculums that will be aligned with state and Chanel Superior Academy standards. Positioning students with wide range and differential backgrounds to pursue a license and a great career path is our concentration. 

If you're expressing concerns or challenges related to inadequacy, failure, not fitting in, financial problems, and fear of having no career. Starting a new routine can be a positive step toward addressing these issues. 

Career Exploration

    • Take small steps toward your career goals. Research industries, update your resume, and explore entry-level opportunities. Set realistic expectations and celebrate small achievements.

Remember, change takes time, and it's okay to progress gradually.

Enrollment Benefits

Enrolling in our lash academy can offer students a range of benefits, including:


Professional training
Students will receive expert training from experienced lash technicians or instructors, learning industry-standard techniques and best practices for lash extensions.

Hands-on experience
Students in our academy will learn with hands-on practice sessions that will allow students to develop skills in a real-world setting under the guidance of our instructors.


Comprehensive Curriculum
Students will have access to a comprehensive curriculum covering topics such as sanitation and safety protocols, client consultations, lash application techniques, and business management skills.


Upon successful completion of the program, students will receive a certification which can enhance their credibility and marketability in the lash industry.


Career Opportunities
Graduates of our lash academy will be equipped with the knowledge and skills needed to pursue careers as professional lash technicians that are either working in salons, spas, or as independent contractors.


Flexible Scheduling
Our academy offers flexible scheduling options, allowing students to balance their training with other commitments such as work or home.


Networking Opportunities
Students will have the opportunity to network with fellow students, instructors, and industry professionals, potentially leading to job opportunities, mentorship, or collaborative partnerships.


Potential for high earnings
As trained lash technicians, graduates from our academy they will have the potential to earn a lucrative income.


Enrolling in Chanel Superior Lash Academy can provide students with valuable skills, opportunities, and resources to launch successful careers in the beauty industry and achieve their professional goals.

In person/Online Class

All licensed programs will be taken Hybrid. All in person classes will be in a classroom setting with instructor. All online classes will consist of online courses with instructors included for program. 

The program will be a 12 week course that students will receive their license by Chanel Superior Academy. For certifications students can receive their certification within a 6 week course program that is also available. The certification course can be taken either online or in person.

If you're expressing concerns or challenges related to inadequacy, failure, not fitting in, financial problems, and fear of having no career. Starting a new routine can be a positive step toward addressing these issues. 


Admission Requirements/Qualifications 

GED, Diploma or High School Transcript 

Drivers Licenses or State ID

Submit Application and $500 (nonrefundable) Application Fee 


Students will learn:

  • Classic Eyelash Extension Application
  • Volume Eyelash Extension Application
  • Hybrid Eyelash Extension Application
  • Mega Volume Eyelash Extension Application
  • Bottom Lash Extension Application
  • Lash Mapping 
  • Lash Techniques
  • Layering Technique
  • Double Stacking Technique 
  • Diameter/Curls/ Lengths
  • Lash Removal 
  • Social Media Marketing/Photography
  • Lash Infills


It’s easy to join Chanel Superior Academy.


Apply on our "Homepage" under Student Application

When submitting your application you will need to send your application fee of $500 

Application fees and Tuition payments can be sent via PayPal @ChanelSuperior


Registration must be completed two weeks prior to class start date.

Email for any questions