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Lash Specialty License & Certification 

Our 12 -week program is available for inspiring/certified lash specialists. Our program prepares students for their state board written + practical exams. In order to become a licensed professional through the Texas Department of Licensing & Regulations students must complete 320 approved training hours at Chanel Superior Lash Academy.

 Course Type: In person Hybrid (Full-time/Part-time)

All programs includes certifications when obtaining your license


Tuition (Original Price $5,500) Discounted $3,200

Non Refundable Fees: Registration Fee/ Application Fee $500

Included in Tuition:  

  • Student Permit (License)

  • Certification

  • Cap and Gown

  • State Board Exam Fees( Written and Practical Exam)

  • Suite

Early Withdraw Fee: $500 Not included in Tuition



    Class will includes interaction with a live professional trainer. Students will receive support, live instruction and after program follow ups. Students will learn core fundamentals  of eyelash extensions applications. This program is available to those who have already been certified or licensed. We include a learn technique of various ways you can apply lash extensions. Students will gain new skill creativity that is ongoing within the industry.



    Non Licensed Professionals Lash Certification

    Take advantage and build your career.

    Course Type: In person 

    Certification Cost: $2,000

    Class includes:

    • Lash Training Kit
    • Live Training
    • Certification of Completion 
    • Mapping 
    • Branding
    • Marketing
    • Business Strategies 
    • Hands on Training
    • Lash Guide
    • Lash Removal 
    • After care/Infills
    • Hands on Training with Model Provided
    • Suite



    Licensed Professionals Lash Certification

    Licensed beauty Professional Certification
    such as Estheticians, Cosmetologist, etc

    Course Type: In Person

    Certification Cost $1,100 

    Class Includes:

    • Full Lash kit
    • 8 hour course 
    • In person classroom 
    • Live Model Hands on Practice 
    • Demonstration
    • Suite


    Apply on our "Homepage" under Student Application

    When submitting your application you will need to send your application fee of $500 

    Application fees and Tuition payments can be sent via PayPal @ChanelSuperior


    Payment Plans

    • In Person

      • Cash
      • Personal check
      • Money Order 

    Flexible payment plans are available If qualified for $500 monthly installments for tuition

    Payments must be received by the due date.

    Student's full name must be included. We do not accept traveler's checks or mailed checks.


    Suspension of Check-Issuing Privileges

    Check-issuing privileges are suspended when there are outstanding returned checks and/or service charges. If the academy receives three or more returned checks, both check-issuing privileges and online payment privileges are revoked for the individual.The payment plan is considered a contract between the student and the university. 

    • Terms and Conditions: By enrolling in the payment plan, the student agrees to comply with the specified terms and conditions.
    • Failure to adhere to the payment plan's terms may result in additional charges.
    • If a student fails to make the required payments by the due date, they may be prohibited from registering for classes until the outstanding balance is settled.
    •  Failure to make payments before the end of the semester may lead to the denial of credit for the courses taken during that semester.
    •   Before enrolling student must agrees to pay all fees and other reasonable charges necessary for the collection of any unpaid amount when due.

    It's important for students to carefully read and understand the terms of the payment plan before enrolling. If there are concerns or difficulties in meeting payment obligations students generally are encouraged to communicate with the academy.