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5 Biggest Mistakes your Clients are NOT Returning

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It is easier said then done but after perfecting your craft and knowing you gave your clients the best service as you could your clients are not returning!

You lowered your prices, had great conversations and still left with "Why isn't my clients returning"?

We have all been there especially me! 

As service providers it is very hard to keep a certain amount of clients a month especially when they keep disappearing and not returning after you gave great service.  Luckily I found out 5 mistakes why clients do not return to their service providers.

After fixing these five mistakes that I was doing to keep my clients from returning I went from 10 returning clients to 50 returning clients and that's not including the new clients that I had booking a new service with me.



Included with this package will be 100 content ideas, Lash videos, Lash Supply list, Inventory list for managing daily, weekly and monthly items and a goal planner.